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Do you want to increase the visibility of your brand, product or company? Would you like to work with us? Read this page and we can collaborate!

The LikedPlaces Team is pleased to know that! Please, contact us, to find some types of collaboration, as a company or an individual collaborador! The LikedPlaces can be contacted through:

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    Why work with LikedPlaces?

    LikedPlaces (hereinafter referred to as Blog or Site) is a new travel, events and living blog with a lot of ambition!

    You can find out more at our “About Us” page.

    The LikedPlaces Team has experience in travel planning and have been in many different countries, exploring new places and adventures to share with their readers (travelers and families). Thus, LikedPlaces seeks to write quality articles, as well as reply to questions related to travel and places.

    To help your travel more and better, LikedPlace constantly provides practical information, valuable advices and useful destinations resources, as well as guides and travel stories.

    Thus, LikedPlaces seeks to keep you informed of the best places and attractions to visit, where to stay, where to eat and other important tips, either near the town where you live or in more distant places.

    With quality articles (texts and images), LikedPlaces aims to attract more and more readers to the Site, more fans on Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) and more subscribers to its Newsletter.

    What can we do for your company and for you?


    Using the blog, through interaction on Social Networks and the release of the Newsletter, LikedPlaces wants to influence many readers.

    In accordance with its objectives, LikedPlaces is available to advertise and maximize the exposure of your travel, event and living brand, product or service to your readers (of various ages and backgrounds).

    This enables you to have fast national and international access to your target audiences.

    LikedPlaces can promote your company’s brand, product, or service to many readers, where everyone wins (readers, your company and us)!

    The disclosure and promotion that LikesPlaces can give to the brand, product or service of your company will help readers of the Site to select the brand, product or service of your company when planning their vacations.

    LikedPlaces and You (as Individual Collaborator)

    Do you enjoy traveling? To write, take pictures or film? Want to share your travel experiences, stories, itineraries, tips, photos or videos on LikedPlaces? The Team is very pleased to know that. You can work with us. Thank you in advance for contact us:

    • by email to
    • or, through the contact form below. Fill it in with all the information, so we can analyse and come to collaborate!

      How can we collaborate?

      You can work with us – LikedPlaces – in the following ways:

      A. Advertising

      Do you want to promote your company’s brand, product or service related to travel and living through advertising? We can do this!

      LikedPlaces can promote your company’s brand, product or service through advertising on its various channels. By advertising on LikedPlaces, we provide advertising space; in the size, formats and location available, such as on the home page, sidebar, footer or within a post (in this case it will be marked as paid advertising).

      To learn more about advertising options, please contact us by filling out the form below:

        B. Sponsored ARTICLE

        Did you know that you can sponsor an article or several posts on our Site? Yes you can!

        LikedPlaces can write a post (or publish your own post) to promote your company’s brand, product or service, with a link to your company’s website – as long as they are directly and indirectly related to the objectives of LikedPlaces.

        These posts sponsored by the brand, product or service of your company will be presented on our Site, promoted in Social Networks or disclosed through our Newsletter, being marked as “sponsored article”.

        C. Disclosure in Social Networks

        Do you want to reach a large number of customers who are interested in travel and other associated products or services? Yes! We’ll help you get there quickly!

        LikedPlaces can promote your company’s destination, event, product or service through our Social Networking channels. By using the follower communities on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, we can reach out to potential stakeholders in your products or services.

        D. Disclosure in the Newsletter

        Do you want to get your brand, products or services to a large number of customers quickly? We have the right tool for this!

        LikedPlaces regularly publishes a Newsletter where it disseminates the news, recommendations and tips of the Site to its subscribers. If you are interested, we can include in our Newsletter brand information, products or services of your company and brand.

        To stay informed with the latest tips on travel and other topics, join the community of LikedPlaces by subscribing to its Newsletter.

        For this you just have to enter your name and email below and you will receive the emails for free with that information.

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        E. Press Trips

        Do you want to attract more travelers to your hotel, restaurant, airline, tourist activities, equipment and other travel related? Let’s make it happen! Let’s promote your business!

        Invite us to your destination, hotel or restaurant or let us know the brand, product or service of your company. The LikedPlaces Team likes to explore new places and experiences, as well as try out new products and services, then share them with readers.

        So you are available to do press trips and write a quality report, take good pictures. After our experiences will be sharing with our readers in the Blog, Social Networks and Newsletter, or even, we can also write for other publications.

        F. Brand Ambassadors

        Do you want to increase the influence of your company brand with a large audience? So let’s get to it! Hire us to promote your brand!

        LikedPlaces seeks partnerships with brands and companies that reflect our values and help our readers travel. (If it can be a long-term relationship, it’s better!)

        LikedPlaces is available to be your company’s brand ambassador by promoting it (along with your company’s products or services) regularly on our Site, on Social Networks (Facebook , Pinterest and Instagram) and through the Newsletter.

        G. Product & SERVICES Review

        Do you want to promote the products or services of your company, whether physical or online? We can promote them.

        LikedPlaces can write a review about your company’s products or services and disseminate this analysis on our Site, Social Networks and Newsletter.

        H. Marketing Campaigns

        Do you need creators to promote your destination, event, product or service? We are available to work according to your company’s needs!

        The LikedPlaces is available to, using your team’s travel experience, create and present a campaign targeted at your company’s clients, to be disseminated through our Blog, Social Networks and Newsletter.

        The articles (texts and images) elaborated by LikedPlaces can be adapted to the interests of readers, seeking to promote the destination, event, product or service of your company.

        I. Collecting

        Do you need to create content for the Press or involvement in an event of your company? We can do it!

        The LikedPlaces Team has experience in traveling, building blogs and talking to large groups.

        Depending on availability, the Team Elements will be able to give lectures on travel, blogs and social networking issues at an event of your company, as well as participate in interviews and publications in magazines, newspapers, news sites and other blogs and on radio and television programs.

        J. Freelancers

        Do you need professional content for your website or your company publication? We can help you!

        The LikedPlaces Team has skills and experience in many areas related to travel and beyond! Team elements can work for your company (freelancers) in the preparation of texts, photos, videos or other areas, in order to create content that satisfies your customers.

        K. Photos and Videos

        Do you like our photos and videos? Do you want to use our images to promote the products or services of your company? We can make them available!

        Photos and videos tell stories about travel and places and try to inspire LikedPlaces readers to experience them. The LikedPlaces are very fond of images, so try to use photos and videos made by the Team.

        If you are interested in using them on your website, social networks or advertising of your company, make this request through the form below, explaining the reason and the LikedPlaces may authorise this.

          L. Other Areas

          Do you want to work with us? Another idea? We are pleased with this and thank you for contacting us by filling out the form below, in the best possible way, with all the pertinent information, so that we can answer more efficiently and save everyone’s time!

            Why work with us?

            Advantages for your Company

            • It will increase the visibility of the brand, product or service of your company (destination, hotel, restaurant, etc.), to new clients, who are users of our Site, our fans in Social Networks and subscribers;
            • Improve brand awareness, product or service of your company – after reading the recommendations on the LikedPlaces, readers will think of them the next time they plan a trip;
            • It will channel traffic to your company website, and thus, customers for your company’s products or services;
            • Your company’s brand association will grow to the LikedPlaces brand;
            • It will enable a permanent presence of your company’s brand in our Site and Social Networks, so the information we provide will continue to influence readers in the coming years;
            • Intensify the online exposure of your company’s brand, product or service, whether on the Internet (where LikedPlaces seeks to rank best in search engines), or among users connected to Social Networks;
            • It will reach a target audience – the target audience of LikedPlaces consists mainly of individual travelers and families scattered around the world.

            Advantages for you

            • Increase the visibility of your work (articles, texts, photos and videos), to users of our Site, our fans on Social Networks and subscribers to our Newsletter;
            • The association of your works will grow with the brand LikedPlaces;
            • It will enable a permanent presence of your work on our Blog and Social Networks;
            • You will reach a target audience – the target audience of LikedPlaces – consisting of individual travelers and families scattered around the world.

            Thanks for visiting our Blog.

            LikedPlaces Team

            Note: We would very much like that you would work with us you in the already addressed areas, but it is not always possible, so in the LikedPlaces:

            – We do not accept Free Advertising or Content. Keeping LikedPlaces, involves costs and time (site management and maintenance, travel expenses, stays, tickets to monuments, museums and events, etc., etc.) that could be used in other tasks;
            – We do not promote free blogs, financing campaigns, books, videos and others. If you want to include a link to your blog site or company “Guest Posts”, please contact us by filling out the form below;
            – We usually do not plan individual vacations, such as itineraries, travel advice and other information. If we have time, we can help you. You can consult on the Site several travel articles, which will certainly be useful in the navigation structure of this Site or search in the “Search Box”.