Useful tips on the various options for drinking water in Portugal and how you can do it safely and in a convenient way.

Drinking water in Portugal is safe and it’s easy to find a good water.

Drinking tap water in Portugal

In Portugal, the water has very good quality, including tap water. Thus, the vast majority of Portuguese drink exclusively tap water.

For environmental reasons, now in Portugal it is intended to reduce plastic waste. Awareness campaigns have been made encouraging the use of reusable water containers.

Consequently, many Portuguese, during their internal journeys, use a bottle that will fill according to their needs. However, if you choose this method, you must regularly wash or change the container you are using.

During your trip, it is normal to find in gardens, water dispensers where you can quench your thirst, without any problems. Moreover, in these places you can take the opportunity to fill your water container.

Water fountains, although less frequent, can also be a good option. In order to prevent situations where water is not in the best conditions, local authorities promote the measurement of its quality. If the water is not suitable for human consumption, there will always be a signboard on site with an explicit statement, for example: “Água imprópria para consumo” (water unsuitable for consumption).

Bottled water in Portugal

Bottled water is also a good option. The smaller bottles have 33 cl (11,2 oz), 50 cl (16,9 oz) and 1,5 l (50,7 oz). In Portugal, there is a multiplicity of bottled waters, within two categories. No chemical or disinfection treatment is permitted in both categories of bottled water.

Natural Mineral Water

Natural mineral water is of underground origin, being significantly rich in mineral salts and other elements.

Spring Water

Spring water is also of an underground origin, where natural and purity characteristics are suitable for human consumption.

Water from the Regions of Portugal

Most regions of Portugal have water with a good flavour. Nevertheless, some Portuguese on vacations in Algarve dislike the taste of tap water in this region, although there is no problem with it. Therefore, while staying in this area, they usually choose to drink bottled water.

Due to the vast supply of bottled water in Portugal you will have no difficulty in buying water from a wide variety of provenances. You can even buy water with various flavours!

The waters of the North and the Centre of Portugal are usually the Portuguese favourites, especially for Luso and Serra da Estrela waters.  

The South of Portugal has hard water and, because it’s the driest region in the country, it does not have so much water variety. In this area, the Serra de Monchique water is the most popular. 

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