Find out how you can benefit from the exemption or reduction of taxes in your purchases in Portugal, using Tax Free, Duty Free or Free Shop.

In high street shops, airports, cruise ports, in airplanes or ships, search for Tax Free, Duty Free or Free-Shop. These locations are a good shopping option, since prices are lower due to exemption or tax reduction.

 What is Tax Free?

In Portugal, if you are a non-EU shopper, with Tax Free you can look for a VAT (value added tax) refund, either in cash or by credit card.

Tax-Free is sometimes also called “Tax Refund” or “VAT Refound”.

How to benefit from Tax Free?

For benefit with Tax Free:

  • Any person who permanently or habitually lives in a country outside the EU;
  • You must shop at a minimum of 61.25 euros per day and per store;
  • At the time of purchase, in stores:
    • You must present a document proving your residence (passport or other);
    • Request the form “Tax Free” and save it with you;
    • Keep also the invoices and receipts for the goods;
  • On the day of your departure, for the purpose of tax refund:
    • Show the duly completed “Tax Free” form at the refund desk at customs office (located at the Airport or Cruise Port);
    • In addition, you must show the goods (which you will take out of the European Union).

What products to buy with Tax Free?

Tax Free is intended for goods that could in principle be carried in personal luggage, for purchases made in the European Union. That way, you can shop around for bargains and at a good price 😀

What is Duty Free or Free Shop?

Duty Free and Free Shop mean the same thing.

In places identified with Duty Free (or Free Shop) the products you purchased are tax-free. That is, you do not have to pay the value of the taxes on the products you acquire, namely VAT (Value Added Tax) and excise duties (alcoholic beverages, etc.).

Duty-Free purchases can usually be made:

  • At the departure terminals of Airports or Cruises;
  • Aboard the Aircraft or Cruise Ships (on international voyages);
  • In various high street shops or Shopping Malls.

How to benefit from Duty Free?

In Portugal, to benefit from Duty Free, you must be non-EU visitor and are about to leave EU-territory to go home, or some where else outside EU.

What products to buy with Duty Free?

Good Duty Free options can be products such as: chocolates, perfumes and cosmetics, clothing, watch and jewelry, sunglasses, travel articles, toys, technology, alcoholic beverages, etc. Which is very useful for a last minute present 😀

Generally, to benefit from tax exemption there are limitations on the amount of certain products to be purchased. In this way, try to find at the place of purchase what maximum quantity of products you can acquire with tax exemption.

For more information, check the European Commission site here.

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