Learn pratical information on how to get in and get around Algarve, using a wide range of options, and enjoy this beautiful Portuguese Region

Whether you’re coming to Algarve or leaving, there are a wide range of transport links to many countries and to other Regions of Portugal, to and from the Algarve. Therefore you can easily use a plane, cruise, boat, train, car or bus.

Discover how to get to Algarve through its wide range of options, such as:

Faro Airport in Algarve

The Region of Algarve is served by the Faro International Airport, used by most foreign tourists. The major airlines fly to Faro (low-cost included), with flight connections from the major cities and European countries. Similarly, the Portimão’s Aerodrome can also be used for light aircrafts.

Cruise and Boat to the Algarve

The maritime connections to the Algarve take place from the Portimão Cruise Terminal. It is therefore used as port of call for cruise lines from European countries in Europe and other areas of the world.

Tourists who arrive by boat can use the various marinas, ports and recreational docks on the Algarve coast. These allow for the mooring of boats and offer various support services. In the Algarve we highlight the Marinas of Vilamoura, Albufeira, Portimão and Lagos. 

Train to the Algarve

The rail connections to the Algarve receive the services of the Alfa Pendular trains (the fastest in the Country) and Intercidades (intercity train). From The North of Portugal you will arrive by train to Tunes near Faro. Thus in this rail line you can also visit the capital of Portugal (Lisbon), the Center (Coimbra) and the North of the Country (Porto, Braga and Guimarães).

Lisboa Comboio na estação de Santa Apolónia
Departure Train

Bus and Car to the Algarve

algarve Roads

The road links to the Algarve are done mainly by the A2 motorway and then by the IC1 to Albufeira. By car or bus you can visit the capital of Portugal (Lisbon), the Center (Coimbra) and the North of the Country (Porto, Braga and Guimarães).

Using IC1 (in the direction of Spain) and then along the National Road EN 22, follow to Vila Real de Santo António. From there you can visit the Alentejo, the beautiful village of Mértola, or more to the north Beja or Évora.

Getting Around Algarve

algarve train

Inside the Algarve you can take the Algarve Line of CP. This rail line connects Lagos to Vila Real de Santo António.

algarve by car

By car you can cross the Algarve, from Sagres to Vila Real de Santo António, by the A22 motorway (called Via do Infante) or by the national road EN 125. In this way, you will easily reach several interesting villages and Algarve towns, as well as visiting the most stunning beaches in the Algarve.

Moreover, near Vila Real de Santo António, if you follow the A22, you can cross the bridge over the Guadiana River and enter Spain. There you can visit Ayamonte, Huelva, Seville or other Spanish cities.

Places to Visit in Algarve

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