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Algarve, view of Praia da Rocha in Portimão
Praia da Rocha, Portimão
Algarve, view of Praia do Vau in Portimão
Praia do Vau, Portimão
Algarve Facade of the Jesuit College in Portimão
Jesuit College, Portimão
Algarve, Convento de São Francisco, Portimão com doca de recreio
São Francisco Convent, Portimão
Algarve, Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora da Conceição, Portimão com escadaria e torre sineira
Nossa Senhora da Conceição Church, Portimão
Algarve, Salão de Chá A Casa da Isabel, Portimão com fachada em azulejos e esplanada
Tea Rom
Tea Room “A Casa da Isabel”, Portimão
Algarve, Edifício dos Paços do Concelho, Portimão
City Hall, Portimão
Algarve, Interior do Museu de Portimão com ânforas, canhões e hélices
Interior of Portimão Museum
Algarve, Mesa de Restaurante de Peixe junto ao Rio Arade em Portimão com ponte ferroviária
Restaurante near Arade River, Portimão
Algarve, Zona Ribeirinha com barcos e pontes sobre o Rio Arade, Portimão
Boats in Arade River, Portimão
Estrutura dos cestos de transporte de peixe junto ao Rio Arade no Museu de Portimão
Portimão Museum
Algarve, Zona ribeirinha com barco, Rio Arade e ponte, Portimão
Riverside, Portimão
Algarve, Vista do miradouro para a Praia dos Três Castelos, Portimão
Três Castelos Beach, Portimão
Poremenor da estrutura dos cestos de transporte de peixe junto ao Rio Arade no Museu de Portimão
Portimão Museum
Algarve, Edifício do Posto de Turismo e do TEMPO - Teatro Municipal de Portimão
Tourism Office and TEMPO – Municipal Theatre de Portimão

Learn more information about Portimão municipality in the Tourism Office.

Algarve, Praça Manuel Teixeira Gomes, Portimão com lago, repuxos e estátua
Praça Manuel Teixeira Gomes, Portimão
Algarve, Largo 1º de Dezembro, Portimão com repuxo e árvores
Largo 1º de Dezembro, Portimão

Explore Portimão

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Portimão is very popular for its restaurants, bars and nightlife, as well as the excellent beaches and Marina. Also known for the famous road and rail bridges over the Arade River and for its Riverside. In addition to the importance of the tourist industry, it should be noted that the city is also a relevant fishing center.

Here passed through Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans and Arabs who used the Arade River as a safe haven and a mean of access to the interior of the Algarve. In the 15th century the city wall was built, followed by the Fortaleza de Santa Catarina (fortress) and the Fortaleza de São João (fortress) on the other side of the river. Portimão increased in size, becoming in the nineteenth century an important center of fishing and canning industry. In the twentieth century, tourism strengthens the expansion of the city.

Portimão is a great place to taste the regional cuisine. The proximity of the sea allows you to enjoy local delicacies such as clams and grilled sardines, which has in August an event dedicated to it (Sardine Festival). Regional confectionery is also delicious, using Algarve products such as dried fruits, figs and carob. So you have a lot to experience in this tour in Portimão!

Other Places to Visit in Algarve

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