Find here a selection of photos of Mértola. Get to know the best locations in Mértola for capturing the village’s most famous views.

Here you will find the typical Alentejo beauty, enjoy the traditional architecture, discover the Castle, its important museums and the most interesting places inside and outside the “Vila Velha” of Mértola.

Another highlight in this area, which is always fantastic to take shots, is the tranquil Guadiana River.

Learn more here the Self-guided Walking Tour in Mértola and the Walking Tour Outside the Historic Centre.

Photos of Mértola

Mértola River View to the River Tower, Historic Center and Castle on Top
River Tower, Mértola
Mértola Ruínas de casa do século XII no piso interior do Hotel-Museu
Ruins of 12th Century House on Interior Floor of Museum Hotel, Mértola
Mértola Village Overview from Beyond River
Historical Center, Mértola
Mértola Building of the Marques Duque Cine-Theater
Marques Duque Cine-Theater, Mértola
Mértola Ruins of Paleochristian Basilica
Ruins of Basilica Paleocristã, Mértola
Mertola Clock Tower near Guadiana River
Clock Tower by the Guadiana River, Mértola
Mértola Tile House Building with Clock Tower next door
Tile House, Mértola
Mértola Statue of Roman Togado (Judicial Magistrate) in the Roman House on the lower floor of the City Hall
Statue of Roman Togado (Judicial Magistrate), Mértola
Mértola City Hall Building at Largo Luís de Camões
Town Hall in Largo Luís de Camões, Mértola
Inner Mertola of the Islamic Art Center
Islamic Art Center, Mértola
Mértola Goldsmith's Office Building
Goldsmith’s Office Building, Mértola
Blacksmith's Forge Inner Mole
Blacksmith’s Forge, Mértola
Mertola castle interior with trees and cistern and keep
Castle interior with keep, Mértola
Mertola Octagonal Baptistery
Octagonal Baptistery, Mértola
Inner Crypt of the Underground Crypttoportic
Underground Crypttoportic, Mértola
Byzantine Mosaics, Mértola
Mértola Ruins of Episcopal Palace
Episcopal Palace, Mértola
Mértola Islamic Quarter Ruins
Islamic Quarter, Mértola
Stalls at Mertola Islamic Festival with Sun Cloths
Stalls at Mértola Islamic Festival
Mértola Spice stand at the Islamic Festival of Mértola
Spice stand at Mertola Islamic Festival
Mértola View from the Guadiana River to the quay, the village and the bridge during the Islamic festival.
View from Guadiana River to Pier and Village
Mértola Ruins of 12th century house on the interior floor of the Museum Hotel
Ruins of 12th century house inside Museum Hotel, Mértola
Mértola Ibn Qasi who was Arab king in 1142 with Mértola Castle in the background at night
Ibn Qasi (Arab King in 1142) with Mértola Castle
Mértola Alcáçova with Mértola Castle in the background
Alcazaba with Mértola Castle in the background, Mértola
Mértola Mother Church that was an Old Mosque
Mother Church (Old Mosque), Mértola
Mértola Interior of a traditional Mértola house
Mértola Traditional House Interior

Neat the Mértola Traditional House you can find the Tourist Office, where you’ll find additional information about this beautiful region.

Mértola Municipal Library Building
Municipal Library, Mértola
Mértola Municipal Market at the Entrance of the Historical Center
Municipal Market at the Entrance of the Historic Center, Mértola
Mértola Pier of Mértola by the Guadiana River
Pier by the Guadiana River, Mértola
Mértola Post Office Building
Post Office Building, Mértola

After seeing the photos of Mértola, are you curious about this precious gem in the interior of Baixo Alentejo? Then find out more here the Self-guided Walking Tour in Mértola and the Walking Tour Outside the Historic Centre.

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