Learn more about one of the biggest music festivals near Lisbon, with great cultural variety: O Sol da Caparica, from 11-15 August 2022.

What is O Sol da Caparica?

Sol da Caparica is undeniably a festival of great musical, cultural and artistic variety, which takes place in the Urban Park of Costa da Caparica, in the municipality of Almada, near Lisbon. Indeed, Costa da Caparica is currently a popular summer resort and surf spot near the capital of Portugal, which in the past was a fishing village.

At the festival, which takes place since 2014, you can listen to good Portuguese, Brazilian, African and other music, with various musical styles, such as rock, hip-hop, fado, semba, kizomba, as well as electronic music played by famous DJs.

In addition, at O Sol da Caparica, participants can enjoy various artistic expressions such as graffiti, dance, animation cinema and plastic arts. The shows and activities are aimed at audiences of various ages and, as a rule, one day is aimed at young people.

Festival-goers can skate or do sports related to the sea such as surfing, stand up paddle, windsurfing, bodyboarding, as well as bathing in the sea, taking advantage of “O Sol da Caparica” (Caparica’s sun), or strolling on the beautiful beaches, enjoying the excellent restaurants and terraces.

Date: 11 to 15 August 2022

Location: Costa da Caparica Urban Park – Costa da Caparica – Lisbon

More information: : facebook.com/osoldacaparica

What happens in O Sol da Caparica 2022? (Line up)

The 2022 edition of the Festival O Sol da Caparica has a great Line up, we highlight the following artists/bands, who will perform on the various stages, namely:

  • 1st DAY: Calema, Clã, Fernando Daniel, Ive Greice, Jimmy P, Julinho Ksd, Miguel Angelo, Wet Bed Gang, Buruntuma, Rich & Mendes and Fernando Rocha;
  • 2nd DAY: Ana Joyce, Djodje, Piruka, Richie Campbell, Syro, DJ Mandas and Gilmário Vemba;
  • 3rd DAY: Branko, Cuca Roseta, Diogo Piçarra, Evandro, Karina Gomes, Nuno Ribeiro, Plutonio, Profjam, Sam the Kid com Orquestra e Orelha Negra, Soraia Ramos & Amigos and Hugo Sousa;
  • 4th DAY: António Zambujo, Bispo, Claudia Pascoal, Mafalda Veiga, Nelson Freitas, T-Rex, Zeca Sempre, Kura, Vanco and Zullu;
  • 5th DAY: Bárbara Bandeira, Maneva, Nenny, Tiago Bettencourt, Dieff and Aldo Lima.

O Sol da Caparica 2020 and 2021 editions

The festival O Sol da Caparica 2020 and 2021 editions didn’t take place due to covid-19 pandemic.

What happened in 2019 in O Sol da Caparica? (Line up)

In 2019, of the various performances at the Festival, we highlight:

  • 1st DAY: Matias Damásio, Anselmo Ralph, David Carreira, D.A.M.A. e Eduardo Madeira;
  • 2nd DAY: Seu Jorge, Mariza, Luis Represas, Luisa Sobral, Carlão, Dany Silva, Jafumega and Jel;
  • 3rd DAY: Ludmilla, Gabriel O Pensador, Richiel Campbell, Boss AC, Capitão Fausto, Mishlawi, Plutónio, Karetus and Guilherme Duarte;
  • 4th DAY: Children Day: Mão Verde, Porbatuka and O Recreio da Anita; Sunset: Diego Miranda, Pete Tha Zouk, Olga Ryazanova and Swag On Experience
  • 5th DAY: Bárbara Bandeira, Maneva, Nenny, Tiago Bettencourt, Dieff and Aldo Lima.

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