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This event has been postpone! Learn more about FIA Lisboa, the largest craft fair in the iberian Peninsula and second largest in Europe

What is the Lisbon International Handicraft Exhibition

The Lisbon International Handicraft Exhibition (or FIA Lisboa) is the largest handicraft and multicultural fair in Portugal and Spain. It is also the second largest fair of its kind in Europe, with significant national and international projection.

This event has more than 110,000 visitors and more than 600 exhibitors, from around 40 countries and 5 continents.

The FIA ​​has been held in Lisbon since 1987 to promote the best of handicrafts, gastronomy and wines to professionals and visitors. In addition, it promotes music, dances, traditions, culture and the identity of Portugal and participating foreign countries.

At the Lisbon International Handicraft Exhibition, exhibitors disseminate crafts, arts, design and typical products, as well as the culture of the regions of the countries represented.

At FIA you can also see artisans working live and enjoy the finished products, from the most traditional to the most contemporary and original. So you will find filigree (jewelery pieces made of gold or silver thread), Arraiolos rugs, bobbin lace, jewelery, leather goods, silks, furniture, rugs, dresses, footwear, bikinis and much more.

FIA Lisboa Leques

Fans, FIA Lisboa

FIA visitors ​​can also participate in thematic exhibitions, workshops (crafts and gastronomy), workshops, contests, cosplay, or attend various musical performances (folklore and traditional music).

At FIA Lisboa, awards are given for the “Best Piece of Traditional Crafts” and for the “Best Piece of Contemporary Crafts”.

At FIA Lisboa there is a gourmet market and several restaurants, taverns and sellers of regional products. Thus, it is a good place to have lunch, dinner or just snack and taste the traditional flavors of Portugal (such as migas, sausages, cheeses, cakes, liqueurs, jams and convent and regional sweets) and from foreign countries.

The FIA Lisboa 2020 edition has been postponed

Date: at a date to be set

Venue: Lisbon International Fair (FIL) Pavilions – Parque das Nações – Lisbon

More information:

How was the FIA Lisboa 2019 edition?

In the 2019 edition, FIA Lisboa had a lot of handicrafts and cultural manifestations of the countries present. FIL’s three pavilions feature:

  • Pavilion 1 was dedicated to national handicrafts, where the regions, municipalities, associations and artisans of mainland Portugal and the islands of Madeira and the Azores publicized their work. Also present here were several workshops and haberdasheries;
  • In Pavilion 2 you would find international handicrafts, which had the presence of more than 40 countries on display;
  • Pavilion 3 was dedicated to gastronomy, with the gourmet market and several regional restaurants and taverns. Here you could have had lunch, dinner or a snack on gastronomic specialties from Portugal and abroad.
FIA Lisboa Quadro pintado a óleo das Caraíbas com pessoas
Oil Painting of the Caribbean, FIA Lisboa

For the 2019 edition, Caldas da Rainha was invited. In addition to the famous hot springs, the municipality is rich in the production of popular handicrafts, especially utilitarian, decorative and humorous ceramic pieces (mugs, teapots, dishes and caricatures), known as “loiças das Caldas”.

What will you find near the event?

When visiting FIA Lisboa, you can take the opportunity to visit Parque das Nações, where the event takes place, and then explore the capital of Portugal, Lisbon!

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