Learn more about the ‘Volta a Portugal’, the main bike race in the Portugal in 2022, taking place at Lisbon, North and Centre.

This year edition has been scheduled, from 4th to 15th of August and it will contribute to promote the beautiful landscapes and sites of Portugal and to give life to these places.

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What is the Volta a Portugal em Bicicleta?

The Volta a Portugal em Bicicleta is the main bike race in Portugal. This exciting Portuguese cycling event has a huge media impact, taking place in various regions of the country.

Pelotão de ciclistas na Volta a Portugal; Platoon of Cyclists
Platoon of cyclists

Like the Tour de France, Vuelta a España and Giro d’Italia, the Volta a Portugal is one of the oldest bike races in the world.

The Volta a Portugal has been taking place since 1927 and is part of the international competitions of the International Cycling Union (UCI), an association that integrates the national cycling federations of several countries.

On the Volta a Portugal, cyclists ride the Portuguese roads, facing various degrees of difficulty, such as time trials, where the fastest sprinters take advantage, and uphilltrials with winding climbs and descents, where the “climbers” stand out.

Throughout the stages, “runners” make the most of their physical and technical capabilities, supported by their teams (domestic and foreign).

Carro de apoio aos ciclistas com bicicletas no tejadilho Volta a Portugal; Cyclists upport car with bicicles on the roof
Support car

Other important cycling events in Portugal

Of the internationally recognized cycling competitions held in Portugal, we also highlight:

  • Volta ao Algarve em Bicicleta;
  • Volta ao Alentejo;
  • Grande Prémio Internacional Beiras and Serra da Estrela;
  • Grande Prémio de Torres Vedras;
  • Clássica Aldeias do Xisto;
  • Clássica da Arrábida.

Volta a Portugal – 2022 edition

Date: 4th to 15th August 2022

Local: Various locations in the North and Centre of Portugal and Lisbon

For more informations:  www.volta-portugal.com

Note: Due to future changes in the program, please consider the official website below.

Volta a Portugal – 2022 edition (Programme)

PROLOGUE (4 august): 5.4 KM

Lisbon > Lisbon – This city was the place of departure and the prologue, which featured individual time trial events.

sTAGE 1 (5 AUGUST): 193.5 KM

Vila Franca de Xira > Elvas

sTAGE 2 (6 AUGUST): 181.5 KM

Badajoz > Castelo Branco

sTAGE 3 (7 AUGUST): 159 KM

Sertã > Covilhã

sTAGE 4 (8 AUGUST): 169.1 KM

Guarda > Viseu

sTAGE 5 (10 AUGUST): 165.7 KM

Mealhada > Miranda do Corvo, Observatório de Vila Nova

sTAGE 6 (11 AUGUST): 159.9 KM

Águeda > Maia

sTAGE 7 (12 AUGUST): 150.1 KM

Santo Tirso > Braga

sTAGE 8 (13 AUGUST): 182.4 KM

Viana do Castelo – Fafe

sTAGE 9 (14 AUGUST): 174.5 KM

Paredes > Mondim de Bastos, Senhora da Graça

sTAGE 10 (15 AUGUST): 18.6 KM

Porto > Vila Nova de Gaia – individual time trials

Highlights of 2022 edition of the Volta a Portugal

The 2022 edition of the Volta a Portugal starts in Lisbon, where is the starting point and the stage of the prologue, with time trial events.

The Oporto city receives the end of the competition after the individual time trials.

All the 2022 edition mainly takes place in the North and Central Portugal, passing through the Lisbon Region.

The trail in Torre (in Serra da Estrela) is the highest uphill ride.

As in previous editions, the Volta a Portugal in 2022 has routes that demanded a lot from cyclists, domestic and foreign. These included time trials and the most difficult punctuated mountain counts, with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th climbs.

Volta a Portugal – 2021 edition

PROLOGUE (4 august): 5.4 KM

Lisbon > Lisbon – This city was the place of departure and the prologue, which featured individual time trial events.

sTAGE 1 (5 AUGUST): 175.8 KM

Torres Vedras > Setúbal

STAGE 2 (6 AUGUST): 162.1 KM

Ponte de Sôr > Castelo Branco

STAGE 3 (7 august): 170.3 KM

Sertã > Covilhã (Torre)

STAGE 4 (8 august): 181.6 KM

Belmonte > Guarda

STAGE 5 (10 august): 171.3 KM

Águeda > Santo Tirso (N. Srª. Assunção)

STAGE 6 (11 august): 182.4 KM

Viana do Castelo > Fafe

STAGE 7 (12 august): 193.2 KM

Felgueiras > Bragança

STAGE 8 (13 august): 160.7 KM

Bragança > Montalegre (Serra do Larouco)

STAGE 9 (14 august): 145.5 KM

Boticas > Mondim de Basto (Srª. do Graça)

STAGE 10 (15 august): 20.3 KM

Viseu – This city received the end of the competition after the individual time trial.

Ciclistas numa subida da Volta a Portugal, Cyclists struggling uphill
Cyclists struggling uphill

In the final general classification the first seven places were occupied by Portuguese cyclists:

  • Amaro Antunes (W52/FC Porto) who won the edition, the “yellow jersey”;
  • Gustavo Veloso (W52/FC Porto);
  • Frederico Figueiredo (Atum General-Tavira-Maria Nova Hotel) ;
  • Joni Brandão (Efapel);
  • João Benta (Rádio Popular – Boavista);
  • António Carvalho (Efapel);
  • João Rodrigues (W52/FC Porto).

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