One of the largest equestrian fairs in the world, which attracts many breeders and horse lovers, the Golegã Horse Fair (Feira da Golegã).

What is Golegã Horse Fair?

Golegã Horse Fair (Feira da Golegã) is one of the largest equestrian fairs in the world, also known as the National Horse Fair, International Lusitanian Horse Fair and São Martinho Fair, since 1571.

The event takes place in Golegã village, in Ribatejo, in the Center of Portugal. It´s about 62 miles (100 km) from Lisbon and 143 miles (230 km) from Porto.

Golegã Fair, white horse in Largo do Arneiro

As a result, the Golegã Horse Fair is a fair of great tradition in Portugal. During the fair you can watch horse competitions (dressage, jumping, handling, endurance, speed, galloping, trotting and others), rallies, raids, horseball and equestrian games. As well as exhibitions, music and other cultural initiatives. All this in the midst of a spectacular horse-themed environment, ideal for going, taking friends and having a great day, without having to know much about equestrian activities.

Indeed, this event attracts many horse lovers every year, as well as several breeders and stud farms who come here to show their horses (the best thoroughbreds horses) to potential customers from all over the world.

Golegã Fair, Largo do Arneiro, Teaching test for the Portuguese Riding Work Cup, rider in typical clothes riding a gray horse
Largo do Arneiro, Teaching Proof for the Portuguese Riding Cup

The Fair has its epicenter in the Largo do Arneiro Square (in the centre of Golegã), where there is a riding arena and where much of the events and competitions take place. However, other events also take place at the HIPPOS-Golegã / High Performance Equestrian Sports Center and at nearby locations or farms.

What will you find at Golegã Horse Fair?

At Golegã Horse Fair you can contact with various aspects of the rural world and the popular culture of Ribatejo, linked to agriculture and breeding (horses, bulls and cows).

During the fair, several Golegã streets are closed to traffic and embellished for the event. Thus, it allows visitors to walk on foot, to feel the relaxed atmosphere, to be able to see and buy regional handicrafts, Portuguese products and equestrian articles or clothing (harness, rattles, borel coats, hats, etc.), for sale in the local commerce and at the stands.

In the streets you will surely smell the roasted chestnuts, which are now for sale. Besides being able to taste the good regional gastronomy, with emphasis on the typical dishes and the snacks of the region sold in the restaurants and taverns.

Golegã fair golden horse with saddle rider with passersby on the street

Surprisingly you will find the men riders (cavaleiros) and the women riders (amazonas) circulating in the streets, riding their horses and dressed up in traditional riding costumes (Portuguese style). In addition, you may see some people strolling on buggies (charretes) or hitched (atrelados) by the streets, an activity that you can also do.

portuguese native horse breeds

Like other Portuguese native horse breeds such as Garrano and Sorraia, the Lusitanian breed is the most recognized internationally. The Golegã Horse Fair is a good place for the promotion of national breeds, namely the Lusitanian Horse. This way you will find several specimens of this breed, considered of great beauty and versatility, which allows you to participate in various equestrian sports.

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Golegã Fair 2022 edition

The 2022 edition of the Golegã Fair has already been scheduled.

Date: 4 to 13 November 2022

Location: Golegã

More information:

Note: As there may be changes in the program, we indicate the official website.

What happen in 2022 at the Golegã Fair? (Program)

The 2022 edition of the Golegã Fair has a good deal of activities, directly and indirectly, undeniably linked to the equestrian world. Activities took place at Largo do Arneiro Square (in the village centre), Hippos Golegã – High Performance Equestrian Sports Center, Quinta da Labruja Farm and nearby. From the program we highlight:


08:00 Special National Show Jumping Competition from 1.00m to 1.30m

14:00 Working Equitation Portuguese Cup – Dressage

15:30 National Horse Driving Championship – Dressage

21:00 Show Jumping competition – Teams (Nations Cup type)


08:00 Endurance Competition Departure – National Young Horse Championship – Endurance Competitions CEI* of 100 Kms, CEP of 80 Kms and CEP of 40 Kms

09:00 National Special Show Jumping Competition from 0.50m to 1.30m

09:00 Portugal Cup and TREC Iberian Cup – POR – Guidance

14:00 National Horse Driving Championship – Marathon Race

15:00 Portuguese Working Equitation Cup – Maneabilty

18:00 Lecture – Physical Training and mental coaching for athletes by Alan Lopes (Physical and emotional personal trainer)

19:00 Endurance Competitions Prize Giving

21:30 Show Jumping Contest 6 Bars – V Pedro Faria Trophy


09:00 National Special Show Jumping Competition – Crosses Trials – 0.50m to 1.35m

9:00 Portugal Cup and TREC European Cup – Iberian Cup – MA (Pace Measurement)

09:00 XXIII Open Golegã FNC

11:00 Portugal Cup and TREC European Cup – Iberian Cup – PTV (Varied Terrain Course)

11:00 National Horse Driving Championship – Cones

15:30 Portuguese Working Equitation Cup – Speed ​​(Largo do Arneiro)

DAY 4 (Tuesday – NOVEMBER 8th)

10:00 Special Dressage Competition – National and International Levels

10:00 National Inter-School Championship – Dressage

15:00 Special Dressage Competition – National and International Levels

21:00 National Inter-School Championship – Voltige

DAY 5 (wedneSday – NOVEMBER 9th)

10:00 National Inter-School Championship – Show Jumping

10:00 Special Dressage Competition – National and International Levels

14:30 National Inter-School Championship – Crosse Country by Teams

15:00 Special National Dressage Competition – National and International Levels

15:00 Portuguese Equitation Competition – Level B and A

17:00 Demonstration of the Valença Equitation Method by Luis Valença Rodrigues and Sofia Valença Rodrigues

19:30 National Inter-School Championship – Prize Giving

21:00 Presentation of the EPAE Portuguese School of Equestrian Art

21:30 Marquês de Marialva Trophy – Special National Dressage Competition – Intermediate I Kur and Grand Prix Kur – Free Style

DAY 6 (Thursday – NOVEMBER 10th)

10:30 LVII National Competition for the Presentation of the Saddle Horse FNC and XXII National Competition for the Presentation of the Saddle Horse at the International Lusitano Horse Fair

10:30 3 year old foals, presented by hand

14:00 Official Ceremony of the Commemoration of the 50 Years of FNC – Guest Reception and Visit to the Fair

15:00 4 years Old Horses – Presented Under Saddle

17:00 Horses 5 years and older Stallions Presented Under Saddle – Prize Ceremony after each Class

19:00 Champion of Champions of the National Horse Fair – Homage to the President of Honor of the LXII National Saddle Horse Presentation Contest FNC and XXIII National Saddle Horse Presentation Competition at the International Horse Fair Lusitano – Dr. José Luis Núncio Fragoso

DAY 7 (Friday – NOVEMBER 11th)

09:00 Open Fair

11:00 Horse Driving Combined Marathon Competition Final

11:30 Departure of the Saint Martin’s Pilgrims

12:30 Arrival of Saint Martin’s Pilgrims

22:00 Equestrian show commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the National Horse Fair – Horse Show with the presence of the National Guard Charanga and Reprise presentation

DAY 8 (saturday – NOVEMBER 12th)

09:00 Final of the National Working Equitation Championship – Dressage

11:00 Final of the National Horse Driving Combined Marathon Competition

15:45 Horseball Cup Semi-Finals – Under 16 and Senior

19:00 Golegã 2022 Awards

20:00 Tribute to Gilberto Filipe and Zique das Lezirias (Individual and Teams Bi World Champion of Working Equitation) – Distinction of Equestrian Excellence

22:00 Horse Mounted Games – Skill and Expertise


09:30 Final of the Working Equitation National Championship – Maneabilty

15:00 Horseball Cup Finals

15:30 Working Equitation National Championship Final – Speed ​​Test

19:00 Horse Archery Demonstration | Equestrian Archery presentation

How to get to Golegã

Where is Golegã

The Golegã village is about 62 miles (100 km) from Lisbon and 143 miles (230 km) from Porto.

To Golegã BY car:

From Lisbon: => A1 (North) => Exit 6 (Santarém) => N3 => after Póvoa de Santarém turn right to Vale de Figueira/Alcanhões => N365 => Golegã

The N365 road passes nearby Azinhaga village – where was born the portuguese writer José Saramago, awared Nobel Prize for Literature.

From Porto: => A1 (South) => Exit11 (Condeixa / Tomar) => A13-1 => A13 (Tomar) => IC3 => Golegã

One of the best ways to discover this part of Algarve is by car. In case you need to rent a car, search for a good deal at Discover Cars. This car rental platform will help you finding the right price, in a quick and simple manner. Click here to learn more.

What to do near Golegã Fair?

Golegã as known as the Capital of the Horse, is a village with many interesting points to know.

Golegã Casa-Estúdio Carlos Relvas
Casa-Estúdio Carlos Relvas, Golegã

So you can take the opportunity to visit its typical streets, Carlos Relvas House-Studio, Martins Correia Municipal Museum, Typewriter Municipal Museum, Pelourinho Palace, HIPPOS-Golegã, Equuspolis, among others. Learn more at the Self-guided walking tour in Golegã: Portugal’s horse capital.

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