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This is the biggest music festival in Azores, in Ribeira Grande, on São Miguel Island: MEO Monte Verde Festival!

The 2021 edition has been cancelled.

What is MEO Monte Verde Festival?

The MEO Monte Verde Festival is the largest music festival in the Azores archipelago, which takes place in Ribeira Grande, on the island of São Miguel. It’s therefore a festival that takes place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

At the Festival you can attend shows on various stages, mainly of hip-hop, rock and electronic music.

In fact, next to the festival site there are several activities in which you can participate, such as padel, cross fit classes and monbike time trials.

So, to get to know the island of São Miguel better, you can go on tours and hikes, go cycling, go canyoning, geocaching, diving and paragliding, go horseback riding and practice surfing and golf.

In addition, near the festival grounds there is an exclusive campsite for festival-goers, so you can set up your tent there.

The event has been taking place since 2012 in Ribeira Grande, next to the beautiful Praia do Monte Verde. In fact, this beach is very popular for sports linked to the sea, such as surfing, bodyboarding, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

What happens in MEO Monte Verde Festival 2021?

Note: Due to possible changes in the line up, please consider the official website.

Date: 5 to 7 August 2021

Location: Monte Verde Beach – Ribeira Grande – São Miguel Island – Azores

More information:

What happened in 2019 in Monte Verde Festival? (Line up)

In 2019, the Festival had an excellent line up, of which we highlight: Joss Stone, Eagl-Eye Cherry, T4x1, Vitalic, Dealema, Frankie Chavez, Mishlawi, Phoenix RDC, Profjam, Tiago Nicarato, Brazil Dub, Fitacola, Macow & Conga, Sippinpurpp and Yuzi.

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