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Explore one of Portugal’s last major summer music festivals, from 3 to 5 September 2020, held in Faro, in Algarve – the Festival F!

What is Festival F?

Festival F is one of the last major summer music festivals in Portugal, which takes place in Faro (in the old quarter).

This event gives life to the main city of the Algarve Region, at a time when many are there on holidays or came specially to attend the event.

This festival is dedicated to Portuguese music, but has a line up of artists from various musical genres, such as rock, fado, indie, hip hop, jazz and electronics, among others.

In addition, this is more and more also a festival of arts and culture, with various expressions such as street animation, handicrafts, cinema, theater, stand-up comedy, fine arts, exhibitions, gatherings, workshops and street-food

The silent parties are also noteworthy in this festival, where festival-goers using phones can select between the music being broadcast, the one they want to hear and so dance to the music they prefer.

This Festival had its first edition in 2014, and takes place in the so-called “Vila Adentro” (within the walls of the historic area), in various stages throughout Faro, allowing you to travel around and get to know the city.

Village Arch, Faro, Algarve
Village Arch, Faro

What happens in 2020 at Festival F? (Line up)

The date of the 2020 edition of the Festival F has already been disclosed, but the Line up announcement is pending.

Date: 3 to 5 September 2020

Location: Historic District of Faro – Algarve

More information:

What happened in 2019 at Festival F?

The 2019 edition of Festival F was attended by important names of the music, such as:

  • 1st DAY: David Carreira, Ana Bacalhau, Fernando Daniel, Tiago Nacarato and Profjam;
  • 2nd DAY: Ornatos Violeta, Amor Electro, Biya, Vitor Hugo and Karetus;
  • 3rd DAY: Carolina Deslandes, António Zambujo, Capitão Fausto and Linda Martini.

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