About Us

After years of traveling and living many incredible and inspiring places in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, we are happy to share our experiences with you and more! About Us – LikedPlaces

We visited, liked and now want to share with you places, ideas and tips. Therefore when you plan to go out (for dinner, visit a museum or watch a show), as well as going on holiday with family, friends or alone, you’ll be able to do something that you really like. Who knows, if you later can also share ideas – like we do here 🙂

We often think to travel far and explore new frontiers, but sometimes there are so many interesting things to discover nearby. After all, new frontiers may be right there – in your city or country – and thus surprisingly just a few minutes or hours away.

Who are we?

If we told you who we are, it would lose its charm … We probably live close to you, in your Country, we speak your language, or not …

What matters is the Places we Like (LikedPlaces) to visit, live, study and many others. We can discover and rediscover these places no matter where we live. After all, these places are for everybody 😀

How did the “LikedPlaces” project come about?

The idea came from one of us, then some friends joined. That is, we are now a growing team. In this way, with each other’s different backgrounds, we can provide you unique experiences.

What does “LikedPlaces” mean?

“LikedPlaces” = “Like + ed + Places”

“Like” in English means “enjoy, prefer, admire, tasted, cherished”.

LikedPlaces talks about “places” (places) that we liked – like -, we find it nice and we want to share with you 😀 

Like you, we also face challenges …

  • What to see and do?
  • Where to stay and eat?
  • How to go and get around?
  • How many days do we need?

… often with limited budget and time!

Certainly, many of us who have responsibilities (professional, academic, family) need moments to relax, travel, discover, … (take some time off). Also we all try to use resources and time wisely, …

In summary, we really want the best 🙂

In this sense, we went further … we wanted to address some of the challenges that many of us face, such as:

  • Where to live?
  • Where are the best places to go on vacation?
  • Best places to study or work?
  • Where to shop or invest?
  • Best place to enjoy retirement?

Hence, we want to help you make the best choices in your outings, travels, holidays, flight bookings, hotel reservations and others. As a result, you will enjoy many enriching experiences, at the best price-quality ratio.

Join us and share your experiences! Learn more at Work with Us.

This is our commitment 😀

Enjoy! Travel! Live!

Thanks for visiting our Website.

LikedPlaces Team