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Learn who are we and LikedPlaces history, a project of a couple who, after years of traveling and living in inspiring places, share about their experiences.

We visited, liked and now want to share with you places, ideas and tips. Therefore when you plan to go out for dinner, visit a museum or watch a show, as well as going on holiday with family, friends or alone, you’ll be able to do something that you really like. 🙂

Who are we?

We are a couple who were born in Lisbon and after college worked in a financial company, where we met. In our free time, we traveled extensively in Portugal and around 30 countries, spread over 4 continents.

After more than two decades, we decided to “give our life a spin”. So, we left our corporate jobs, leaving our comfort zone, to embrace this project … in search of new adventures and places!

In the LikedPlaces project, friends occasionally collaborate. Thereby, with the experiences of each one, we can present you a more complete experience. In fact, we present you with several experiences!

What does “LikedPlaces” mean?

“LikedPlaces” = “Like + ed + Places”

“Like” in English means “enjoy, prefer, admire, tasted, cherished”.

LikedPlaces talks about “places” (places) that we liked – like -, we find it nice and we want to share with you 😀 

How can LikedPlaces help you?

Like you, we also face challenges …

  • What to see and do?
  • Where to stay and eat?
  • How to go and get around?
  • How many days do we need?

… often with limited budget and time!

Certainly, many of us who have responsibilities (professional, academic, family) need moments to relax, travel, discover, … (take some time off). Also we all try to use resources and time wisely, …

In summary, we really want the best 🙂

In this sense, we went further … we wanted to address some of the challenges that many of us face, such as:

  • Where to live?
  • Where are the best places to go on vacation?
  • Best places to study or work?
  • Where to shop or invest?
  • Best place to enjoy retirement?

Check out our Home page which will offer you a lot of ideas and information about your outings, travels, holidays, flight bookings, hotel reservations and others.

As a result, you will enjoy many enriching experiences, at the best price-quality ratio.

This is our commitment 😀

Enjoy! Travel! Live!

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Thank you.

LikedPlaces Team